WintherWinther logo

X LARGE Copenhagen has changed company name to WINTHER WINTHER.

X LARGE Copenhagen was founded in 1989 as a clothing company - hence the name. Over the last 30 years we have evolved the company into an agency whose core competences lies in branding and storytelling through custom made clothing and merchandise. In addition to the products, we provide a full-service support with e-commerce, storage and logistics solutions.

To reflect the changes, we have changed name to WINTHER WINTHER. The inspiration came from you! It is common that client´s, after a while say “working with you feels like family”. That has inspired us to name the company in accordance with our old family name Winther.

Our goal remains to continuously create and inspire strong customer loyalty for our clients’ brands. We are a growing team of highly experienced professionals within marketing, design, product development, production and project management. The seniority of our employees ensures highest level of quality – both when it comes to product, process and execution.

WINTHER Gifts is our sister branch. The goal for WINTHER Gifts is continuously to provide the best solutions for the Christmas gifts to your employees.

Phone numbers and address are still the same, as are our motivation to help you with “beyond basic” counseling. Working with WINTHER WINTHER is beyond basic!