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“There is always a More Responsible Choice”

We aim to present you with four actionable steps outlined in this guideline, facilitating your company’s movement toward a more responsible approach to business.

01 Packaging Waste Reduction

02 Certified Labels

03 Avoid Sending Orders by Air

04 Ocean Biofuel Container

“Sustainability is a journey, not a destination”

That is why it is deeply ingrained in every aspect of our daily work. We integrate sustainable practices throughout our value chain, starting from conceptualization and design, to sourcing and production.

With our constant pursuit of knowledge and exploration in sustainability, we aim to provide better alternatives and encourage our clients to take more responsible decision.

01 Packaging Waste Reduction

We collaborate closely with our suppliers to prioritize products that are packaged minimally. Our goal is to minimize the use of plastic materials in packaging, and we actively encourage our clients to reduce single polybag packing.

We strive for environmentally-friendly solutions and are consistently exploring updated eco-packaging options. By the year 2025, our aim is to incorporate recycled or biodegradable packaging, further reducing our ecological footprint

02 Certified Labels GOTS & GRS

Strict requirements
Our certifications include both GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and GRS (Global Recycled Standards). These esteemed labels provide a guarantee that our entire supply chain, from sourcing to the final product, is transparency and traceable. The certificates are authorized by reputable bodies. We are committed to meeting strict requirements for sustainable, ethical fashion, fair production practices, and minimizing environmental impact.

Get the labels on your products
As a result, we proudly offer products with GOTS or GRS labels, primarily in our key focus areas such as textiles, bags, and caps when order reach certain amounts. By choosing these labeled products, you can be confident that your purchases are not only environmentally friendly but also prioritize the well-being of workers and end users.

More information about GOTS:

More information about GRS:

03 Avoid Sending Orders by Air

Sending orders by airplane creates more emissions compared to sending them by large containership. Therefore, we kindly request that you place your orders in advance, allowing us to avoid air transportation whenever possible.

04 Ocean Biofuel Container

We maintain a close partnership with our logistics provider, Scan Global, who has committed to a global solution for ocean biofuel, ensuring 100% CO2-neutral ocean freight.

The utilization of bio-ocean fuel has an additional cost. It’s important to note that this fuel is not yet widely available for all sea routes. However, when bio-ocean fuel cargo becomes accessible according to the schedule, you will have the option to select it, which will be clearly presented in our offer.



Responsible sourcing & production
We place a strong emphasis on partnering with factories that uphold sustainable and ethical practices, evidenced by BSCI audits.

We actively promote the use of recyclable or biodegradable materials among our network of factories, encouraging them to adopt these eco-friendly options.

To minimize our environmental impact, we ensure that our factories refrain from sourcing water from natural resources such as underground water or rivers. Instead, all wastewater generated is directed to sewage disposal systems in strict adherence to local regulations.

Designing for longevity
We pay attention to design details that result in products with extended lifespans and minimize waste generation.

Transportation optimization
We consolidate shipments, utilize efficient transportation routes, and explore alternatives like rail or truck.

Stay informed and adapt
We continuously monitor emerging trends, regulations, and best practices in sustainability.

Certified by ECOCERT Greenlife
255765 Winther Winther A/S
Certified by ECOCERT Greenlife
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At Winther Winther
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